About Me

I'm a first-year MBA student exploring my passions and trying to find my path in life. I just returned to graduate school after taking a 3-month trip through Southeast Asia and India. Prior to that, I worked at a Big 4 accounting firm in LA and lived in Santa Monica. After a liberal arts education, I have broad range of interests and a bit of knowledge about a lot of subjects.

I'm studying Sports Marketing and considering a career in marketing or event management. I'm an avid athlete, although I'm fairly uncoordinated on land. After swimming competitively for 15+ years and playing water polo in college, I've since tried to improve my coordination by taking up kickboxing and vinyasa yoga.


Aside from sports and fitness, I'm interested in vegetarian and vegan cooking, photography, alternative medicine, travel (to anywhere and everywhere), reading, crossword puzzles, finance and economics, contemporary art and design, watching sports, tasting wines... just to name a few.  I started this blog to document my travels in Asia, but I've decided to continue writing to get more experience with social media, and for fun!