Monday, October 31, 2011

Sprout Update

A while ago I posted about starting to grow fresh sprouts in my kitchen. Here's an update with my sprouting successes (and failures).

I've tried spouting various seeds, but alfalfa has been the most successful by far. For some reason, garbanzo sprouts and buckwheat sprouts tend to mold really easily - EW.

These little alfalfa guys spout after one day and are ready to harvest after 2-3 days. I've been enjoying them sprinkled over salads. I even put some in an omelet. They are SUPER easy to grow, because you only have to water them once a day and make sure the excess water drains out. You don't need any special equipment - I have a 3-tiered tray that works really well, but you could use any kind of glass jar or bowl.

Happy sprouting!

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  1. hmm i totally have a sprout growing container! i should bust it out. also, kombucha?