Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back on Home Turf

After one last crazy overnight bus ride, 16 hours waiting in the Delhi airport, 2 days recovering in Bangkok, and the flight back to LA, Dana and I returned home from our trip intact. Delirious, but intact.

So. In the madness, there was not time to blog about my last adventures in India, namely Amritsar/the Golden Temple, visiting the Pakistan border, and spending 10 wonderful days doing yoga in Dharamsala.

I'm going to put up some pictures of these places soon, because although they happened at the end of our trip, they were some of my favorite destinations of the entire trip. Timely or no, those photos will be going up!

From K - India I

From K - India I

Just a taste of pictures to come.

Also, since returning home, I've been thinking about continuing to blog. Obviously the focus of the blog will change, since I'm no longer on an awesome adventure in Asia. Instead, I'll probably blog about the crazy projects I pursue in the kitchen. I've always liked to read cooking blogs, so I may start writing about my own concoctions. We'll see how often I'll have time to blog, since I'll be starting my MBA program in a week!

Being home is nice, although I have been avoiding spending too much time looking through closet. After wearing the same clothes and living out of a backpack for 3 months, it is overwhelming and terrifying to think about the sheer number of material possessions I own.

My wardrobe for 3 months:
From K - Bangkok I

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