Friday, September 9, 2011

Grow Your Own Sprouts

I love sprouts in salads, and I recently came across my old sprout grower, hidden in a kitchen cupboard.

Growing your own sprouts is incredibly easy, and you don't even need a special sprouter. In a pinch, you can grow sprouts in any glass jar.

I looked around and found some adzuki bean seeds, alfalfa, and radish.

Since my sprouter has three trays, I thought I would try to grow one tray of each. I think they take different amounts of time to germinate, but I'll just wait and see.

Apparently raw sprouts are one of the foods most likely to become tainted by bacteria that leads to food poisoning. On the package of adzuki bean sprouts, it recommended that you soak the seeds for 5 minutes in 135 degree water, in order to kill any bacteria.

Don't keep the seeds in the water for longer than 5 minutes, or else they might not germinate. I took this precaution for the adzuki bean seeds, but the alfalfa and radish seeds seemed too small and I didn't want to deal with painstakingly draining the seeds after soaking them. Honestly, I'm really not that worried about getting food poisoning from my own sprouts.

Alfalfa seeds:

Adzuki bean seeds:

Radish seeds:

After pouring water into the top level, it drips through each of the three trays, moistening the seeds.

We'll check on these little guys in a couple days!

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