Thursday, June 30, 2011

Chiang Mai: Wat Pra Sing

On our first day of exploring in Chiang Mai, we visited Wat Phra Singh, a beautiful Buddhist temple in the center of Chiang Mai's ancient city.

From She Flies With Her Own Wings

My favorite part of the temple was a garden that was filled with Buddhist quotes hanging from trees. Definitely something I'll want to incorporate in any garden I have in the future.

From She Flies With Her Own Wings

We also visited a cultural/historical museum that describes the history of Chiang Mai. Although the town only has about 175,000 people, it is the cultural capital of northern Thailand. The people here are extremely friendly. Dana and I have already made friends with various shopkeepers, chefs, and massage therapists. A highlight was listening Dana talk to a Thai massage therapist about Thailand's upcoming election during a foot massage. We also got some tips from a Thai lady about how to run a small restaurant business, and we discussed yin and yang with a hippie Thai man at Funky Dog Cafe while eating homemade yogurt.

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