Thursday, June 2, 2011

Countdown: 10 Days

The tasks related to planning the trip have largely been accomplished.
We quit our jobs.

We moved out of our apartment.

We bought plane tickets.

The stress of these major events is dissipating, and slowly being replaced with the realization that I am actually about to spend 3 months traveling in Asia. Thanks to having the Cadillac of health insurance, I am armed with 80 Malarone pills and various other remedies. I feel prepared for the trip, in an administrative sense. But I need to do a lot more reading/research on the places we'll be traveling. Not because I want to make specific plans-we're leaving our itinerary very flexible--but because I think I have a greater appreciation for a place and its culture if I understand the context.

Next tasks: read about the history of SE Asia and India. Oh, and pack.

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