Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Vow

I hope I don't regret this...

From She Flies With Her Own Wings

After watching some overweight Americans downing McFlurrys outside a nearby McDonalds in Chiang Mai, I thought of an interesting challenge for my trip:

I'm not going to eat at any Western chain restaurants until I return in September.

I don't think this will be a difficult task. From my experiences in Thailand so far, local food is infinitely better in terms of price, quality, and freshness. I love buying bags of sliced mango, pinapple, and guava for 10 baht each. Vegetarian food is abundant, and I haven't had any trouble so far finding healthy food that I like.

I told Dana about my challenge and instructed her to give me a very hard time if I ever feel tempted to visit a Western restaurant. The only place I can imagine this might be a real challenge is in small villages - but there is always rice available.

Bon appetit!

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