Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shopping in Rajasthan

Jaipur is known as one of the best places for shopping in all of India.
The old city is filled with bazaars selling gems, jewelry, textiles, spices, and loads of other colorful souvenirs and handicrafts.

Walking around town, you can't miss India's famous sacred cows. They're everywhere, munching on garbage and frustrating the scores of motorbike drivers that have to swerve around the animals.

One of the ubiquitous cows in Jaipur:
From K - India I

Sometimes it's helpful to wear earplugs when walking around the bazaars, to help you ignore the constant barrage of yelling. "You need shoes Madam?" "Please step inside!" "Please take a look" "Hello Madam, I make good price for you"

Walls of bangles
From K - India I

From K - India I

Some sort of sugary steet food:
From K - India I

A delicious meal of Paratha (fried bread) and curry
From K - India I

Vegetarian thali platter (set meal)
Dhal (lentil curry), Muttar paneer (peas in creamy sauce) and paneer curry
Served with rice, raita (yogurt sauce), and roti (whole wheat flatbread)
From K - India I

Jaipur, although overwhelming, was definitely a feast for the senses.

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